Second hand bargain: A seven inch soul/funk classic

Published: 23rd Mar, 2009

One song for a thousand parties…


As with any crippling era of financial ruin, the music world is going to go through a massive surgical face lift. Gone will be your Lady Ga Ga (the one-woman Sigue Sigue Sputnik), replaced by troubled wanderers with two-stringed guitars and chewing tabacco. No more devaluing women in VIP sections, instead they will lament the loss of their labido, which can no longer reach cocaine and viagra proportions. It’s a sorry sorry time for discos. Which is why we go crazy for vinyl bargains! Just this weekend, excellent friend of the site, Stu, stumbled across a brilliant party record in his local Scope. “It’s a track by a kid called Foster Sylvers who was like a poor man’s Michael Jackson back in the 70s,” he began, before regaling us with tales of soul dancing, and listening to this particular tune on a mixtape cassette he used to own. “I’ve been after the single for ages,” he wept, finally drawing his extended Shakespearean monologue to a close. He is, however, completely right, it’s a great song. So come on, Stu-pot, how much for this excellent crowd pleaser? “50p”.

Amazing hitting-it-to-the-recession!

Here’s the track:

Josh Burt
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