Album covers analysed: The Doors, Morrison Hotel

Published: 17th Mar, 2009

Not taken with a digital camera…


To the untrained eye, this photograph from 1970 is absolutely rubbish. And sadly, it’s even worse through a trained eye. But with good reason. Much in the same way that anyone who spots their surname on a shop sign will go berserk and excitedly take an awful picture of it to show their mates, Jim Morrison did exactly that, but decided that the photograph was so good that it should go on the sleeve, and become the name of, his band’s fifth album. Unfortunately, the meanies who ran the actual Morrison Hotel in Los Angeles didn’t want The Doors using flashy cameras in their lobby, so told the hippies that there was no way in hellfire that they could shoot the cover there, so the band did what any group of 12-year-olds would do – they legged it in, sat in the window while their buddy with trembling hands hurriedly clicked away. The hotel itself was closed in 2007, while Jim Morrison only lasted until 1971.

Here’s a cut from the album…

Josh Burt
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