Album covers analysed: The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses

Published: 5th Mar, 2009

Great British band’s ode to France…


The best thing about bands and pop groups in the 1980s was that loads of them might have looked glitzy and glam, but they were spawned of a deeply thoughtful political ideology. Wham, for example, were rampant Stalinists. Culture Club were Thatcher’s favourite transvestite cod reggae band. And Bananarama were total lefties. Not to mention these guys, The Stone Roses. Painted by some as the kind of tough Manchester street kids it was best to avoid, their 1989 album was oozing with strange artistic and political influences – the cover was the lead guitarist’s homage to both the popular squiggly line artist Jackson Pollock, and French riots from the 1960s. Hence the tricolor creeping in from the left. Plus, for those baffled by the lemons, seemingly flung willy nilly into view, they are rumoured to be the perfect antidote to tear gas. The same tear gas used on those angry French hippies on that fateful day in May 1968. A deep, political – almost confusing – piece. Fantastic record.

Here they are singing some if it…

Josh Burt
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