Forgotten beauties: Greta Scacchi

Published: 17th Feb, 2009

Pronounced “Grett-tah Scatch-eeee”… perhaps


In the 1980s saucy British nudity was still confined to the damp basements of stately homes, or rumoured to be rife in the House of Commons. Apart from that, no one had ever seen an upper class bosom, let alone a woman sprawled nakedly in the bath in an actual film. And then along came Greta Scacchi in White Mischief to blow everyone’s minds – the woman, bless her, is barely clothed throughout the whole thing. The film itself is verging on completely awful, but her taut glistening flesh made it absolutely essential viewing for groups of bored teenagers hunting around for boobs. An amazing lady, cracking bod, what a gal. On a rather more sombre note, she went on to turn down Sharon Stone’s role in Basic Instinct.

And if it’s sophistication you’re after, don’t worry ladies, we have just the ticket. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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