Forgotten beauties: Felicity Kendall

Published: 11th Feb, 2009

Yes, this woman was a huge sex symbol


In the years leading up to The Good Life, English wives spent their afternoons either mindlessly boiling potatoes, or crouching behind the garden fence weeping. These were, remember, the days before Loose Women and Richard and Judy. So, when Felicity Kendall turned up as Barbara Good, with her sleeves rolled up and mud on her trousers, the nation damn near exploded with shock. A woman! Gardening! On her own! It was revolutionary stuff, and her cheerful young do-gooder made hopeful gentlemen all around the country dig up their patios and plant carrot trees, turnip bushes, spice hedges etc… What a wonderful hippy.

Of course, we’re not going to harp on about an eco-warrior from the 70s without showing the girls someone who makes the environment look better. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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2 Responses to Forgotten beauties: Felicity Kendall

  1. Avatar Alan says:

    That’s not a great pic. Felicity Kendall was HOT! though.

  2. Avatar john says:

    felicity is older than me but is still atractive for her age

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