Interestment’s Top Four: Children’s Cartoons

Published: 3rd Feb, 2009

Some big names didn’t make it…


Man, kids nowadays have access to everything – sweets, cocaine, knives, credit cards, BMX bikes, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, chorizo burgers, vegetarian bean burgers, wide screen television sets, ghetto blasters, motorbikes, skinny jeans, trainers, record players, heroin, sunglasses, foreign literature, European lager, wines from Bordeaux, chocolate condoms, note pads, Gaviscon, and oil paintings. It wasn’t always like that though. Once upon a time, all they had was school and cartoons. Here are the four best things that weren’t school…

1. Battle of The Planets


Excellent early anime from our friends over in Japan, this show was all about cool orphans in brilliant bird-based space outfits defending the planet. Life didn’t get much better than this.

2. Top Cat


Essentially the story of a cat winding up a policeman, this was made excellent by TC‘s hilarious one liners, which always made Officer Dibble look like a clutz. His cat entourage included a few kittens with learning difficulties and at least one homosexual.

3. Thundercats


More cats, but these ones were half-man, and looked like they met at a Kiss concert. The stories were action packed, and Cheetara was genuinely sexy. One the downside, Snarf was a total cock.

4. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds


Ingeniously, this cartoon – another early bit of Japanese anime – took the story of the Musketeers and simply added dogs. The results – marvelous.

Josh Burt
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