Forgotten beauties: Beatrice Dalle

Published: 28th Jan, 2009

Better know to you as Le Betty du Blue, por favor


For those of you either unborn or too busy taking speed left over from the 70s, the 1980s were all about two things: sex and obsession. Everyone was totally obsessed with having sex, so much so that they’d freak out if they weren’t having sex, and would take to the streets hysterically demanding sex – any kind of sex – from passers-by. That would be followed by more sex. And more sex. And more sex. Until it was an even bigger obsession than it had been in the first place. And by goodness, it had already been big. Just ask Beatrice Dalle – a French woman who starred in one of the most sexually obsessive films of the period, Betty Blue. A strange, gappy-toothed character, she had a sensual allure that only people in movies with subtitles can accurately pull off. An intriguing, sexual, wonderful, obsessive, sexual, sexual gal. She was sexual.

Of course, as ever, it would be tres mal to offer les garcons someone jolie, without offering the women un homme with a great bod. Below est Tom Selleck.

El Capitan Theatre

C’est rien.

Josh Burt
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