Forgotten beauties: Tiff from Eastenders

Published: 20th Jan, 2009

The usual please, love


Ahh, Tiffany from Eastenders was great – so full of love. You could arrive home with blood on your knuckles, booze on your breath, and she’d look you dead in the eye and whisper “mug of splosh, babe?”. She’d then run you a nice bath, probably scrub your back, and thank you for just being you. In real life, of course, she’s known by her other name, Martine McCutcheon. A splendid, curvy woman, she threatened to embark on a pop career at one stage, then very nearly made it in the movies – playing a lowly tea lady in Love Actually – and then sort of disappeared. Unfortunately, the soap world is now awash with curvy young actresses playing it sweet-but-thick, but we’ll never forget the dappy young barmaid who started the trend. What a fantastic girl. Why did she have to die? Why?

As ever, we’re not going to give the guys someone bosomy and gorgeous without showing the girls a great looking guy. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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