Interestment’s Top Four: Excellent Scars

Published: 8th Jan, 2009

Sometimes nasty accidents can have a bright side


For some mad reason, everyone seems to want to get through life with their faces completely blemish free. Middle-aged women can be found hysterically smearing cream around their eyes nine times a day to stop people from accurately guessing their age, and young men have even been known to use ladylike pots of moisturiser to maintain a rosy facial sheen. It’s weird. Hence, with the help of our favourite scar expert, endearingly known as Peter, we thought it high time to celebrate four TV and cinema heroes with scars…

1. Omar Little in The Wire


Probably the most memorable gay stick up kid in the history of television and movies, Omar was recognisable for his chain smoking, massive shotgun, overcoat, and impressive scar stretching from his forehead to his lower cheek. A Robin Hood type character, who only stole from drug dealers, he was arguably the best character in the best TV show of all time.

2. The Joker in The Dark Knight


Nothing funny about this one. As sinister scars go, the one worn by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight is pretty creepy, leaving his character with a permanent smile. In the film, he probably just shaded Jack Nicholson’s joker from Batman. And we’re not just saying that because he died.

3. Indiana Jones


In the 1980s, the two coolest guys at the cinema were Han Solo and Indiana Jones, and possibly the guy in Blade Runner. Plus the lead in Mosquito Coast, and the dude in Frantic. All of them had one thing in common – a brilliant scar sitting just beneath their bottom lip.

4. Peter Petrelli in Heroes


Weirdly, this scar has yet to be explained in the show, it just sits there, stretching down the mutant’s face, making him look pretty damn hip. What makes it all the more strange is that his character can supposedly heal himself. So why the scar? We just don’t know.

Here’s the season three trailer:

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