Forgotten beauties: Yasmine Bleeth

Published: 6th Jan, 2009

Another woman worth taking a shark bite for


What made Yasmine Bleeth really stand out as a Baywatch actress was that she had brown hair. Amazing, flowing brown hair. The likes of which no one had ever seen. Yes, she wasn’t the only brunette working the dangerous beaches, but the other one was that slightly man-faced lady who always had something really serious to say. She wasn’t sexy and full of life like Yasmine. No sir. Her character, Caroline Holden, was a big part of the show from 1994-1997, before she decided to leave lifeguarding and fend for herself. That proved to be a big mistake, as she embarked on a series of bad decisions, including saying no to a part in Beverly Hills 90210, and yes to shovelling gargantuan amounts of cocaine up her nose. She’s fine now, thank goodness.

As ever, it would be totally out of order to serve the guys a hot brunette without satisfying a woman’s lust for fresh meat. Below is Will Carling.


Just kidding. It’s Tom Selleck.

Josh Burt
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