Forgotten beauties: Diane Lane

Published: 1st Jan, 2009

Another glorious redhead from the movies


Fans of The Outsiders will already know this woman – she was the preppy posh chick called Cherry Valance who made Matt Dillon go all gooey inside, even though he was from the wrong side of the tracks. They never actually get off with each other in the film, but by gum, the sexual tension is – at times – completely unbearable. The good news is that they did enjoy an onscreen snog in Rumble Fish which was made in exactly the same year. Both films, incidentally, are great. The Outsiders features vintage performances from Dillon, Cruise, Estevez, Swayze, Lowe, The Karate Kid, and someone else. While Rumble Fish stars Interestment’s favourite ever actor, Mickey Rourke. Go to your local Blockbusters right now and demand them both. Since the early 80s, Diane has gone on to marry Josh Brolin, and star in a few popular films, like The Perfect Storm and Unfaithful.

As ever, we’re not just a bunch of jerks servicing the guy’s fleshy wants, we’re here for the girls too. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

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