Album covers analysed: Dennis Wilson, Pacific Ocean Blue

Published: 28th Dec, 2008

We should have seen it coming really…


Even though he berated his own album for “lacking substance” this was reissued this year, and you’ll probably find that your most bearded pipe smoking friends have already got their copy. Most likely on vinyl. A swift peruse of the cover tells you everything you need to know. Here is a tired man. His hair has grown into sunblushed straggles, his beard looks home to at least three different types of sand, and probably nine or ten different flavours of rum and coke. His chest hair is threatening to merge with his face and his eyes are done in. He’s given up. He’s knackered. Just leave him alone, alright. All suspicions are confirmed on the inner sleeve, where he can be found wearing dungarees with nothing underneath – that’s a classic nervous breakdown look. In 1983, he died in a swimming whilst totally leathered misadventure.

Hear his music after the jump…

Josh Burt
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