Forgotten beauties: Lysette Anthony

Published: 27th Dec, 2008

Before Kate Winslet, there was this:


She had it all, Lysette Anthony – a decent billing in the Michael Elphick vehicle Three Up, Two Down, rosy cheeks, a fashionably heavy bosom. She should have been Kate Winslet, shivering in Leonardo Di Caprio’s face just before he dies in Titanic. But no, she never really made it in Hollywood, unless you count her writhing around nakedly with Harry Hamlin (from Clash of The Titans) in a very bad film called Save Me. Instead, she grew slowly older, before sloping back to Blighty to take on roles in shows like The Bill and Doctors. We’re even pretty sure we spotted her in Hollyoaks the other day. Were that the case, we could say something about going from Hollywood to Hollyoaks. But that wouldn’t be very funny. Once upon a time, this woman was a scorcher.

As ever, we can’t throw the guys someone hot like Lysette Anthony without listening to the women reader’s demands for suggestive flesh. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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